Help required in unsecuring MC9S12XDT512 Smart Car Kit

Discussion created by DHIRAJ JETWANI on Nov 21, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2011 by kef
I am a student working on Freescale Smart Car kit (MC9S12XDT512 with PBMCUSLK). I am facing problem described as followed:
1. My code is being compiled and linked successfully. But on debugging the code with P&E Multilink Cyclo, it prompts an error "Failed to communicate at given speed" and fails to connect to the target.
2. On further checking the problem, it prompts "derivative is incorrect or target is secured". I check that derivative MC9S12XDT512 is selected correctly in true simulator setting of select the derivative. 
3. So I tried unsecuring the device. By choosing Unsecure... option. It first asks IO count which depends on oscillator frequency. Oscillator of 4 MHz is on the PCB so I choose 49 [(200/4 mhz) -1] as input to IO Count. Then it prompts about the Bus frequency which I am unclear of so I have tried all option from 16 Mhz to 1 Mhz, but in the end for all permutation it"Target could NOT be unsecured, and command file is missing or disabled". I checked the setting for Command file..., all files are referenced properly in the ./cmd folder.
4. We have spare MC9S12XDT512 but not connected to the smart car kit. And the code is compiling, linking and also loading on uC successfully.
So I fear that the Kit I am working has been secured, can u help me unsecure it, if that is actual problem.
Thanks in advance.