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Reading txt file on k60 MQX

Question asked by corrado carini on Nov 17, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2011 by Michele Marchetti

I'm trying to run a code on k60 with MQX 3.6.2.

The code is tested on PC and everything is ok.


typedef struct
char dbver[20];
char marca[20];
char modello[20];
char dettaglio[20];
uint_32 gas;
char olio[10];




FILE *fp;

DB_DATA prec,;






Txt file is composed by rows so made:

name1 name2 name3 500 name4

with spaces (I tried even with tabs) between names/number.

In prec.marca I find all the line and program (of course...) goes in error.


Someone can help me? 

Thanks and regards