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Question: Is it possible to check the count down of a PIT

Question asked by Niklas Johansson on Nov 16, 2011
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I am trying to debug some code in Code Warrior. I have setup my PIT 0 to use the bus clock and count to 65:


SIM_SCGC6 = 0x800000;


PIT_LDVAL0 = 0x41UL;


Is there a way I can check so it is actually started and counting ?


In debug mode I can inspect the registers of the PIT, eg, 


PIT_MCR0x0 0x40037000
PIT_LDVAL00x1964 0x40037100
PIT_CVAL00xb60 0x40037104
PIT_TCTRL00x3 0x40037108
PIT_TFLG00x1 0x4003710c
PIT_LDVAL10x0 0x40037110
PIT_CVAL10x0 0x40037114
PIT_TCTRL10x0 0x40037118
PIT_TFLG10x0 0x4003711c
PIT_LDVAL20x0 0x40037120
PIT_CVAL20x0 0x40037124
PIT_TCTRL2 0x0 0x40037128
PIT_TFLG2 0x0 0x4003712c
PIT_LDVAL3 0x0 0x40037130
PIT_CVAL3 0x0 0x40037134
PIT_TCTRL3 0x0 0x40037138


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