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Getting "Write memory failed: address 0x0" error message

Question asked by George Chen on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by George Chen

Hi there,


We are getting a


Write memory failed: address 0x0


Expected value:  0x1fffc420

Actual value:        0xffffffff


when trying to program a home made PCB that contains a MK40X512 device.  After this message, we get


[Chinese text] , A verify error has occurred while writing memory


We are using a PE Mimcrosystems USB Multilink Universal (RevA) (USB-ML-UNIVERSAL) programmer.


The programming succeeds when burning in the same program to a K40-KIT demo kit.  (This kit has 

a MK40X256 in it, though.)


Has anyone seen this before, or does anyone have any ideas what might be going on?