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Problem with list of list of list of items

Question asked by Tien Loc Nguyen on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by Tien Loc Nguyen

Hi PE support team,

I have some questions about Component Wizard.

1. I'm creating new component which contains property with symbol ListOne. ListOne is list of group items. This group contains another group, called ListTwo, and a interger N. ListTwo is list of group items,too. I can acess item of ListOne, using suffix like 0, 1..., example N0,N1... But i can't  acess item of ListTwo with this way. I tried some suffix like 0,1,00,01,10... but it not work. So, how can i acess item of ListTwo?

2. In Timer component: CMT_LDD, i saw Mode group and 3 modes i can choose in value column: Time, Baseband, FSK. I want to make a group with properties like this, but the best thing i can get is Boolean Group with 2 selections: En/Dis. Can you show me how to make group with more than 2 seclections?