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MQX CDC virtual COM control signals

Question asked by Hspahr_89north on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by Mark Watson

I'm using the MQX CDC stack to emulate an RS232/virtual COM port to a host computer.  Data communication works great, but I want to send an indication to the host if my piece of equipment is being turned off.  Since the host computer is running a GUI written in Java, it only knows information about virtual COM port/RS232.  It doesn't know anything about the fact that the COM port is running over USB.  If I could emulate changing the control signals across the USB bus (such as setting the ring indicator, sending carrier detect/break character, or any control signal), the event could be caught on the host computer and the program could be gracefully shut down.  Does the MQX CDC stack support setting the controls signals?  Thanks in advance for any info.