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UART interrupt not firing with k60twr

Question asked by Doug Nappier on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2011 by Doug Nappier

I am currently using MQX 3.7 with the k60twr512 and I am having alot of problems reading characters in from the data terminal using interrupts. I have gone into the twrk60n512 and enabled the "ittyd:" (RS-232) as the default. I have also disabled all other UARTs. I am able to sucessfully write data out using printf but I can not read data in. What am I missing? I have also attached my twrk60n512 file for verification that I enabled the drivers correctly.

#define _get_task_td(x)  _task_get_td(_task_get_id_from_name(x))#if ! BSPCFG_ENABLE_IO_SUBSYSTEM#error This application requires BSPCFG_ENABLE_IO_SUBSYSTEM defined non-zero in user_config.h. Please recompile BSP with this option.#endif#ifndef BSP_DEFAULT_IO_CHANNEL_DEFINED#error This application requires BSP_DEFAULT_IO_CHANNEL to be not NULL. Please set corresponding BSPCFG_ENABLE_TTYx to non-zero in user_config.h and recompile BSP with this option.#endif#define _get_task_td(x)  _task_get_td(_task_get_id_from_name(x))/* Task IDs */#define HELLO_TASK  5#define TASK1   6#define TASK2  7#define READ_TASK 8extern void hello_task(uint_32);extern void task1(uint_32);extern void task2(uint_32);extern void read_task(uint_32);const TASK_TEMPLATE_STRUCT  MQX_template_list[] = {    /* Task Index,   Function,   Stack,  Priority, Name,     Attributes,          Param, Time Slice */    { HELLO_TASK,   hello_task, 1500,   7,        "hello",  MQX_AUTO_START_TASK, 0,     0 },    { TASK1,        task1,      1500,   6,        "task1",    0     , 0,     0 },    { TASK2,        task2,      1500,   5,        "task2",    0        , 0,     0 },    { READ_TASK,    read_task,  1500,   4,        "read task",      0          , 0,     0 },    { 0 }};/*TASK*-----------------------------------------------------* * Task Name    : hello_task* Comments     :*    This task prints " Hello World "**END*-----------------------------------------------------*/void hello_task   (      uint_32 initial_data   ){ _task_id  task1_id, task2_id, read_task_id; pointer   td2_ptr, td1_ptr; boolean   nonblocktask = 0; char x; task1_id = _task_create(0,TASK1,0); task2_id = _task_create(0,TASK2,0); read_task_id = _task_create(0,READ_TASK,0); td2_ptr = _get_task_td("task2");    /* Defined in macro to get td_ptr */ td1_ptr = _get_task_td("task1");  printf("\nHello main task\n");  _time_delay(500); while(1) {  _task_restart(task1_id,NULL,0);  _task_restart(task2_id,NULL,0);  _time_delay(1000); }}void task1(uint_32 initial_data){ printf("\nHello Task 1\n"); _task_block();    /*Can not let task die in order to restart*/ }void task2(uint_32 initial_data){ printf("\nHello Task 2\n"); _task_block();    /*Can not let task die in order to restart*/}extern void read_task(uint_32){ /*Insert Read data here*/ char c = (char)NULL; while(!c){  //c = _io_getchar();  scanf("%d",(int)c);   } printf("CHAR RECEIVED");}/* EOF */