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What does it mean: No source available for " 0x4006C000 (0x4006C000)() "

Question asked by Ulf Bormann on Nov 8, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2012 by Nicholas Comotti



I ve a strange behaviour with my MQX project under CW 10.1

I bulid my project without problems. After that I turn the debug button and the Launching happens without error message. But at the End of Launching there s a message that there s no source available for " 0x4006C000 (0x4006C000)() "

I don t know what this means cause I don t use such a file.

The result of this message is, that I cannot debug my program.



And very stange: When I insert or delete some instructions  the message dissolves, but comes back when I insert or delete some other instructions. So I cannot see any correlation between the message and my code.


Do you know the meaning of the message and what I can do against it.


Many thanks