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(open source) Linear Algebra code?

Discussion created by Allen Babb on Nov 8, 2011
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Does anybody know if there's an open source code project that works with matrices, vectors, and the like? So far I've found something called Armadillo, but it looks like it's compiled only for PC's.


I basically just want a few functions to work with, since I'm working with quite a few physical data and would like a conveniant form to put them in. Plus, there's a couple of control functions out there that work exclusively with matrices and the like.


If there isn't one around, then I'll probably end up making one myself... but you would think that matrix boilerplate would be available somewhere, right?


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I'm sorry, but I really didn't know a good place to put this. I did think of the CodeWarrior forums but wasn't sure. It would be much oblidged if a mod would move this to the right place...