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internal compiler error

Question asked by Argenis Bilbao on Nov 7, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2011 by Argenis Bilbao

Hello, I have a little problem with an internal compiler error. As suggested by the error I sent an email to freescale about it. I decided to post the message here as well just in case anyone might have a clue. I pasted the message I sent them bellow:


Hello I am getting an error when trying to compile a program. The error is the following:

Error: internal compiler error (report to )
while executing in file 'Coloring.c' line 635
(compiling '_saveRegisters' in 'CerruchOS.c')
CerruchOS.c line 60

The code I am trying to compile is pasted bellow:

void saveRegisters(void)
unsigned int stackAddr = taskList[currentTask].stackBase;
asm {
move.l d0, -(sp)
move.w sr, d0
move.l d0, -(sp)
move.l d1, -(sp)
move.l d2, -(sp)
move.l d3, -(sp)
move.l d4, -(sp)
move.l d5, -(sp)
move.l d6, -(sp)
move.l d7, -(sp)
move.l a0, -(sp)
move.l a1, -(sp)
move.l a2, -(sp)
move.l a3, -(sp)
move.l a4, -(sp)
move.l a5, -(sp)
move.l a6, -(sp)
move.l stackAddr, a0
move.l sp, (a0)

if I comment out the last two mov.l instructions the program compiles just fine. I dont understand why this is happening. I am trying to write a very simple OS for the Coldfire MCF52259.

I am running Windows XP 32-bit Pro with CodeWarrior 7.21 classic
Relevant System Specs:
2 x Xeon L5410
8GB Ram (windows detects 3GB though)

could you please provide a fix for this issue or at least a work-arround?

Thank you