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Not sure what design this debugger I purchased is

Question asked by Michael Pugliese on Nov 6, 2011
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I purchased this debugger for an HCS08 based microcontroller project. I was planning on using an Windows 7 x64 system and CodeWarrior 10.1 for MCU. It appears that this device may not have any Windows 7 drivers. The drivers that came with it are for an Open Source BDM device.


Would it be possible to upgrade this device to USBDM and use it in Windows 7 x64 with Codewarrior? When I shorted out Jumper 5 on board, I was able to install the JB 16 ICP driver, but the usbicp.exe refused to do open( no error message, just doesn't open).


Worst case, if I can't upgrade this device, will it even work in the newer versions of Codewarrior?


I've down hours of research reading about USBDM, switching the JB16 chip into ICP mode, etc and haven't had any luck with anything.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.