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test CCR register/ assembler macros

Discussion created by Grzegorz Konopko on Nov 4, 2011
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I have problem: I would like to find out if function is called from ISR or from main task context. I am not sure if it possible at all, but if I do not use nested interrupts than is enough for me to test if global maskable interrupts are masked or not, it is flag I in CCR register. 


I wrote code but I am not sure if is correct, because I do not know how to use assembler with C code, may some one check:



uint8_t CC;
static uint8_t const BIT_I = 0x10;


__asm(movb 1, SP+,CC);


if (CC & BIT_I)
/* I flag is set */


issue for me are assembler macros, may someone looke at this macros if are they correct or there is easier soultion to read CCR register (maped to global memory?)?