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UART Interrupt

Question asked by Ulf Bormann on Nov 3, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2011 by Ulf Bormann

I used the UART3 connector to exchange data between PC an kinets K60 Tower.

Without MQX I ve no problems to read the data via interrupt. Now I try to do the same inside a MQX project.

I used the same interrupt routine as bevore and I exchange the command



_int_install_isr(INT_UART3_RX_TX, isr_uart3,isr_ptr);

but I never jump into the isr. The initialization of the UART3 cannot be the problem, cause I used the same routine as in my former non MQX project and a comparison of the register settings shows the same. And I can read the UART receive data by polling. But fortunately my application need a interrupt solution.

I tried the isr example in the mqx directory without problems. In the isr example project there s no problem in jumping to the isr routine.

Instead of

_int_install_isr(INT_UART3_RX_TX, isr_uart3,isr_ptr);

I tried





and many different other numbers, everything without success.

I read in the forum, that maybe the settings for BSPCFG_ENABLE_ITTYA






might be the problem. But I tried many different combinations of 1 or 0 and recompile the BSP project, but everything without success.

So I hope you can help me?


Many thanks