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ESCI_A.SR.B.RDRF flag is not set on mpc5634xm uController

Question asked by andrea mocci on Nov 2, 2011

Hi everybody.

Actual severity of this issue is more than super critical!
I am developing a diagnostic application based on eSCI transmission; an external diagnostic tool will connect to the ECU using serial communication and standard KWP2000 protocol; K-Line uses eSCI peripheral to start, stop and handle communication with the ECU; unfortunately, tracing data through Lauterbach Trace32, I have seen that when I send an SCI frame (oscilloscope confirms that it arrives correctly to RXDA pin in the uController) the ESCI_A.SR.B.RDRF flag is not set (a break point in read/write access confirms it), so it is not possible for me to catch the ISR and to do next operations.
Why? Have you got any suggestions?


Thank you in advance