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Problems handling framing errors and SCI

Question asked by DALE RODDA on Oct 31, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2011 by Tiago Gomes

I am using MQX 3.7 and CW10.1 on a MCF51JM. I have a serial communications handler that works for hours until the receiver gets hit with noise. When the receiver get a framing error the transmitter can not be enabled. I am not sure what is happening. My receive code 


while ( fstatus(rs485_dev) ==TRUE ) {read(rs485_dev, &data, 1);

checks status and so does my tx code.

io=_io_ioctl( rs485_dev,IO_IOCTL_SERIAL_CAN_TRANSMIT, &io);
if io == MQX_OK){
fwrite(&data, 1, 1, rs485_dev);


I am not sure what to do next. Any suggestions?