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KwikStik USB Device not working

Question asked by Antonio De Renzis on Oct 27, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2011 by Mark Butcher

Hi to everyone,

I am using a KwikStik board (K40) with CodeWarrior 10.1. I would like to use the USB Device Demo found on ARM Examples of CodeWarrior. Does anybody has been able to get this demo working ?


I've just changed the clock settings in k40_tower.h file :

#define REF_CLK             XTAL4

and selected UART5 to have a Serial port on KwikStik board :

#define TERM_PORT           UART5_BASE_PTR


I always get "Unknown peripheral" from my Windows XP PC : the KwiikStik board sends the following debug messages on UART:

Enter USB Reset handler
Enter USB Reset handler
Enter USB Softtok handler
Enter USB Softtok handler

...and so on....

Debugging with J-link I see that the SOF interrupts are managed while I can never get inside USB_Handler()....

Any suggestions ?


Thanks you