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Question on MMA7660 availability

Question asked by Bob Li on Oct 20, 2011
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In Digikey search “accelerometer”, and sort the results by price from low to high (registered user), MMA7660 turns out to be the No.1 cheap product among its total 661 accelerometers’ stock, costing


MMA7660FCT             $1.21

MMA7660FCR1           $0.67


for each unit.


I have two questions on MMA7660:


  1. I have heard from a vendor that MMA7660 is already obsolete. However, I downloaded MMA7660FC Manual and its date of release is Nov.2009, which is less than two years from now. Is it really obsolete, or is still active? When will Freescale discontinue it?
  2. The two products listed above have different prices, with the first almost twice of the second, and the only difference name is between suffix “T”  and “R1”. What does these suffixes mean? What are the differences between the two products?