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How many g-cell’s does an accelerometer have?

Question asked by Bob Li on Oct 20, 2011
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May I ask a question on MMA7660 accelerometer sensor?


How many “MEMS capacitive sensing g-cell”s does a 3-axis accelerometer have? For MMA7660, “Principle of Operation” of its datasheet gave an analogy that the sensing g-cell works like a “movable beam between two beams” (see attached picture).


In Figure 19 (see attached picture), it is shown that the accelerometer has 3 directions. Therefore, is there three “movable beam”s (g-cell’s) as shown in the figure above?


Does the number of g-cell’s determine the axis number, such that 1-axis accelerometer has one g-cell, 2-axis accelerometer has two g-cell, and 3-axis accelerometer has three?