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printf(0, IAR & Kwikstick

Question asked by Ben Griffiths on Oct 20, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2011 by Dekiru

Maybe I'm being dumb but where does printf() print to?


I'm using:


-Kinetis KwikStik

-MQX 3.7


I'm connecting to the KwikStik using the On-board JTAG/J-Link USB socket but I understand that when this port is working as a J-Link socket it can't work as a USB/Comm Port


I've been using IAR for a number of years, but I'm new to MQX and KwikStik, so I'm working through some of the examples. Al lot of the time these examples are using printf() to display a message - but I can't work out where printf() is printing to?