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Kinetis K40x256 Tower with TWR-SER Ethernet Example?

Question asked by Alastair Dadachanji on Oct 19, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2011 by Eli Hughes

Hi there,


Note: I accidentally posted this message in the wrong forum, so if you have already seen it apologies.


We have just purchased a couple of Kinetis K40x256 Tower evaluation boards. We are using the IAR v6.21 IDE to build and load the software to the board. We are able to use the TWR-K40X256_Quick_Start_Demo, however we cannot find any help or documentation on how to interface with the TWR-SER peripheral board, specifically how to drive the Ethernet port.


What we are really looking for is an example and/or instructions on how to drive the Ethernet port on the TWR-SER via the tower bus interface from the TWR-K40x256. Failing that we would appreciate a point in the direction of some documentation.


The closest things we have found are the 4-page leaflet in the TWR-SER box which describes the jumpers we need to set for Ethernet usage and the K40 tower user manual, which is similarly quite light on information.


Any help, greatly appreciated.


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