Eric Humenay

Should I use MQX?

Discussion created by Eric Humenay on Oct 17, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2011 by James Trudeau

I am in the design stage of a project, and I am trying to make a decision about whether we want to go the MQX route or not.

The application domanin is pretty straightforward. It is a wireless sensor.  The hardware supports USB; however, initially the USB will only be used for debugging purposes . We went with USB, rather than a simpler rs232, in case USB functionality may be needed in future.


I can pretty easily whip up the firmware without MQX, but I am a little worried about the USB stack as I have never done this before. So here is my question:

Does it make sense (cent$) to use MQX just for the USB support?

Does it make sense (cent$) to use MQX if filesystem and USB both need to be supported?