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Question asked by Nate Bragg on Oct 12, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2011 by Konrad Anton

Sorry for rapid-fire posting, but I thought this would do well as a separate question, rather than load down my ADC-specific question.

As I said in my other post, although I have done embedded work in the past, I am new to ARM and the Kinetis chipset. I am very interested in mastering this chip (in my case, the K53) as much as I reasonably can. The trouble I'm having seems to be a resource problem, and I hope that you can suggest specific websites or documents that can fill the gaps for me.

Reading through the example code that shipped with my TWR-K53N512 and through the KINETIS512_SC example code has helped me gain a beginner's understanding of the chip, but so far I have found the K53 Reference Manual to be nearly impenetrable. Maybe I have misjudged it, but it seems to be a fantastic reference manual for someone who already has a good understanding of the chip, and less suited for where I stand today.

Is there some intermediate-level guide or tutorial in existance that can help me take logical steps toward improving my knowledge of the platform? Even if there are gaps, or if it is tailored more toward a chip other than the K53, a little handholding would take me a long way, I think.

Thank you very much!