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Help with KwikStik j-link flashing external device.

Question asked by Luis Filipe Rossi on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2011 by Luis Filipe Rossi

Hi, i am trying to use the KwikStik j-link to flash an external Kinetis. For some reason it is not working and CodeWarrior is retrieving a message saying it could not reset the Kinetis.


I even tryed to remove the kinetis on the KwikStik board but with no change.


The Kinetis connections can be seen on the atachement. Thats just a piece of the board but related to kinetis there are just some extra decoupling network on other sheets.


The cable and pinheaders i am using are the sugested by the manual.

the j-link connector is pretty close to the kinetis..



Any help is appreciated.