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Unable to compile with PC-Lint 9 plugin under CW 5.9.0 for HCS12XE

Question asked by Szymon Mroczek on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2012 by oliver neuner

Hi All,

I have recently got Gimpel's PC-Lint 9.
I am trying to enable it under Code Warrior 5.9.0 for HCS12X devices.
First I read readme.txt file from \Freescale\CWS12v5.1\Lint\lnt\CodeWarrior directory.
I installed PC-Lint into \Freescale\CWS12v5.1\Lint directory.
I have the following files present as described in readme.txt file:
- Bin\plugins\Compiler\PCLintCompiler.dll: Compiler plug-in
- Bin\plugins\Linker\PCLintLinker.dll: Linker plug-in
- Bin\plugins\Preference Panel\PCLintOptions.dll: options preference panel
- Bin\plugins\Preference Panel\PCLintSettings.dll: settings preference panel
- Lint\lnt\CodeWarrior\*.lnt: Lint configuration files

I opened my existing project. Created a new target by clonning existing target.
I opened new target's settings (Alt + F7) and choosed PCLint Linker of Linker menu of Target Setting panel.
Then I made my settings as in attached PCLint Main Settings.jpg and PCLint Options.jpg files.

When I try to compile a project only a number of warning messages appear.
These warning messages include many project files paths but no useful information (as for me now).
I noticed that my previous target had more panels under settings menu like compiler and linker options, see attached Standard Settings.jpg file.

Futhermore after compile no abs or map file is generated.
Any idea of what I am missing here?

Apart from setting PC-Lint under my CW I also run this PC-Lint configuration wizzard that generated some extra files for Metrowerks and CodeWarrior. Trying to use them does not help neither.