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Unable to run anything on TWRMCF51CN - Need Help!

Question asked by John Babrick on Oct 7, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2011 by Petr Lukas



I have a TWRMCF51CN tower EVB with the serial board and the LCD module. I have Codewarrior 10.1 installed and MQX 3.7 installed. I appear to be able to build projects without error. However, when I go to try and download an executable to the tower I seem to get no indication that the program (any hello world program or demo/example) is doing anything. The debugger will apparently erase and program the board but I can get no indication that anything is happening - I was hoping that a printf statement would cause a message to display on the CW console, but nothing happens. No error messages, but I do get all sorts of messages that the target was laucnched.


Also, I was led to believe from the documents that came with the board that all I need to have between the board and the PC is a USB cable -  but with just the USB cable connected the board has power but the CW debugger says there is no connection to the board. If I also connect the  PE Micro USB Multilink to the BDM jack, I will get the board to erase and program as above, but cannot see anything happen.


Can anyone give me any advice on things to check?


Thanks in advance


John Babrick