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Trying to get the SDHC to work using their example

Question asked by Richard Sloan on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2011 by Ladislav Vadkerti
Trying to get the SDHC to work
Description:I have TWK-K60 REVC system.

I downloaded sample codes to run the SDHC card.

It will not work and am not sure why, maybe the code is wrong, maybe the SDHC properties are wrong, or maybe CW10.1 is not setup right.

I have CW 10.1 installed on WIN7 and all patches applied.

See attached files, these are my complete workspace with a project called fm15 within.

Load on CW10.1 and see please.

Do you need startup.c? I went into debug mode and the compiler is seemingly creating what looks like it own startup code by doing such things as zeroing .bss and also copying initialized variables etc....

Please be very specific on the solution as I am very technical and should be able to handle it.

We are now delayed 1 week due to this so please help soon.


This has been posted on the personal support board now 7 days without anyone looking at it from FREESCALE not having good luck, hope someone can help.