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Configure DMA for DAC with Processor Expert

Question asked by Richard Sloan on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2011 by Richard Sloan
Configure DMA for DAC with Processor Expert
Description:I have tried to configure CW10.1 using processor expert to transfer by DMA to the DAC.....

I have two data buffers, one is being DMA'd out to the DAC at a specified rate, while the other is being filled, once the buffer being transferred is done, it switches to the other one.

Its an audio application I am sending data to DAC at 32Khz..... So I would think I could use PIT or similar to trigger the DMA transfers.....

Can you walk me through the setup?

Send me demo code already doing this?

I have K60 Tower kit and CW10.1 fully updated.


This was posted on my support page and has not been looked at for 5 days from FREESCALE


Hope someone can help.