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trying to build a sample project for MPC5566 with simulator debug connection

Discussion created by Robert Braisted on Oct 6, 2011
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i'm using Codewarrior for Freescale MPC55xx v2.8 targeting the MPC5566 CPU.


When trying to build a simple hello world project using the project wizard i follow the Help on "Creating a Project for a single core Device" from the CodeWarrior Help SYstem, and those steps are as follows


1. invoke MPC55xx New Project Wizard and specify project name

2. specify MPC5566 derivative

3. select the language (C)

4. PC_Lint  ... No

5. Floating point ... None


this successfully creates a project and it build ok. In the target settings panel of the Project otpions, the External debugger option gets selected by default and it points to the follwing application  {Compiler}pemicro\CW_ICDPPCNEXUS.exe


I don't have a real target and would like to use the simulator (assuming one is available ?) so i uncheck the "Use External Debugger" checkbox on the Build Extras settings panel. On other CodeWarrior environments i would usually have the option to select a simulator on the debugger group of the target settings panel but no debugger group panel appears there.


How can i configure the project to use a simulator connection which is usually specified in the Remote Debugging Panel under the ConnectionSettings pull down, but no such settings panel exists in the project