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Installing drivers for Tech Arts USBDMLT  -- seemed to have bricked it

Question asked by James Smith on Oct 4, 2011
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I'm trying to get a Technological Arts USBDMLT running on a Windows XP (running as a virtual machine on a Mac).  I seem to have bricked the USBDMLT in the process.  Any help in figuring out what I did wrong would be much appreciated.


Here's what I did:

* I found out that the USB VID was 15A2 and PID was 0021, requiring the use of the Installation of "USBDM USB drivers for old VID/PID" instructions on the SourceForge page (

* I removed the older driver that I had tried installing yesterday through the Windows control panel and then used zadig.exe to install the WinUSB driver.

* That seemed to work fine. Zadig logged the following:
ini file 'zadig.ini' not found - default parameters will be used 
1 device found. 
libwdi:info [detect_version] Windows XP 
1 device found. 
program assertion failed - editable_desc != NULL 
Using inf name: USB_Device.inf 
Succesfully extracted driver files. 
Installing driver. Please wait... 
libwdi:info [extract_binaries] successfully extracted driver files to C:\usb_driver 
libwdi:info [wdi_prepare_driver] succesfully created C:\usb_driver\USB_Device.inf 
Driver Installation: SUCCESS 
1 device found.
* After a reboot of the computer I decided to update the flash as per the instructions on the Tech Arts webpage ( --> Details tab).  This meant using the "JS16" firmware, so  I used the Win32/Bootloader.exe application and loaded up USBDM_Flash_Images/JS16/USBDM_JS16CWJ_V4.abs.s19
* Bootloader.exe reported "Firmware Update Failed" and now the USBDMLT flashes its LED once per second and Windows no longer recognizes a new device when I plug it in.
My virtual machine application, Parallels, reported that the USBDMLT was a "USBDM(JMxx) Version 3.2" when it connected to WinXP.  It nolonger detects the USBDMLT either.  Would flashing the USBDMLT with JS16 firmware instead of JM16 firmware be responsible for the bricking?