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No .abs file created

Question asked by Larry Bateman on Oct 3, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2011 by Larry Bateman

I have converted a project from Codewarrior 6.3 to 10.1. It builds to the point

of failing at the burner stage, not being able to find the abs file. (Note that it

took quite a few tweeks to get to this point.) In fact, no abs file was created,

even though the build log would seem to indicate otherwise:


Buid log:


Finished building: D:/cw/project/Sources/Start08.c'
' '
'Building target: project.abs'
'Invoking: Linker'
"C:/Program Files (x86)/Freescale/CW MCU v10.1/MCU/prog/linker" -ArgFile"project.args" -O"project.abs" -Add("./Sources/hid_c.obj" "./Sources/file1.obj" "./Sources/file_s.obj" "./Sources/main_c.obj" "./Sources/file2.obj" "./Sources/file3.obj" "./Sources/Usb_Drv/Usb_Drv_c.obj" "./Sources/Usb_Drv/Usb_Ep0_Handler_c.obj" "./Project Settings/Startup Code/Start08_c.obj")
'Finished building target: project.abs'
' '
'Invoking: Burner'
"C:/Program Files (x86)/Freescale/CW MCU v10.1/MCU/prog/burner" -ViewHidden -f="D:/cw/project/prm/burner.bbl" -env"ABS_FILE=project.abs"
ERROR B1000: Could not open 'input file' 'project.abs'
*** command line: '-ViewHidden -f="D:/cw/project/prm/burner.bbl" -env"ABS_FILE=project.abs"' ***
Burner: *** Error occurred while processing! ***
C:\Program Files (x86)\Freescale\CW MCU v10.1\gnu\bin\make: *** [project.abs.s19] Error 1


No .abs file exists anywhere on my system.  Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!