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ICMP (ping) is unstable at TWRK60-KIT

Question asked by Morten Kvistgaard on Oct 3, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2011 by Morten Kvistgaard

Hello there,


I've just bought a TWRK60-KIT and have worked my way through the 'Getting Started'.


The MQX and TCPIP seems to be working. At least most of the time. My first test with any ethernet hw is always a simple 'ping' from the PC... and that one is extremely unstable!!! Every 10th ping fails! (It's not consistent.)


I'm using the newest CW with updates and the newest MQX. I've sat the jumpers on the TWRK60-KIT as specified in the 'Getting Started'. 

I've just created a new CW MQX project, in which I've only added the TCP stack. Am I missing something?


The ICMP service is not that important in it self. But unstable TCP in general is uacceptable. And the rest of my ethernet setup is fine. The PIC32 I have next to the TWRK60-KIT isn't missing any pings.


Debug/Release config makes no difference. DHCP/Static neither.