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link error while using trignometric function

Discussion created by john tony on Oct 3, 2011
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I am using CW6.3 for programming Coldfire V1 MCF51em256.

In my code I need to use trignometric functions sin, cos, asin and acos. Below is the simple code that I tried. 


fPhaseAngle[ucPhase] = acosf(g_stBasicCal.m_afPowerFactor[ucPhase]);
fInPhase += g_stBasicCal.m_afRMSCurrent[ucPhase] * cosf(fPhaseAngle[ucPhase]);
fQuadrature += g_stBasicCal.m_afRMSCurrent[ucPhase] * sinf(acosf(g_stBasicCal.m_afPowerFactor[ucPhase]));
fNeutral = ((fInPhase * fInPhase) + (fQuadrature * fQuadrature));
fNeutral = sqrtf(fNeutral);


However I am getting link errors while using them.


1st time when I used these functions I got the following error:

Link Error   : Overflow in segment: code from section: .text
Segment reserved size is: 0x0001ffec -- Overflow of: 0x00001aa8

Link failed.


This made me think that maybe my code is overflowing, however when i checked my code size, there was still lotta free space. Therefore, I started changing the "Standard settings" by trial and error; and selected the "position independant code and data" option for coldfire processor from the code generation tab! After that i stopped getting the above error, however, got a new one!!!

Link Error   : unable to find EWL lib:


Now I am completely confused... and I would really appreciate if someone could explain to me why I am getting the above errors or how to use trignometric functions correctly and whether I need to do anything else other than including header file <math.h> to do trignometric calculations. 


 Thank You in advance for even the slightest of help.