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How to Verify the code in my MC9S08QE8

Question asked by renee straney on Oct 1, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2011 by renee straney

Sorry to ask such a very simple question:


I have the P&E Multilink USB-ML-12E connected to my board and it works.  Now I need to know how to verify code that is on the board.


Background:  I downloaded code into my  MC9S08QE8 a couple months ago.   Now I want to go back and compile the source code I have and make sure it was the source code that generated what I downloaded into the MC9S08QE8 at that time.


I do not want to download the code I am now compiling - just verify that it matches what is in the chip.   I am using codewarrior V10.


How do I do this?