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Can the (MC9S08DZ) MSCAN be used without a driver for local MCU intercommunication?

Discussion created by Tony Papadimitriou on Oct 1, 2011
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Hello all,


The title pretty much says it all.


I'm wondering (at the theoretical level at this time, for an upcoming project) if the MSCAN module can be used 'locally' (for example between three or more processors on the same board) without the use of driver ICs?  Can it handle message arbitration at the hardware level or is this a function solely achieved by the driver IC?


The advantage for this would be to create an array of MCUs that can all talk to one-another using the benefits of CAN (about all-or-none message delivery, multiple concurrent recipients, etc.)   In other words, I'm interested in getting the behavior of CAN between multiple MCUs on a single board, but without necessarily the electrical noise tolerant characteristics needed when dealing with cables and longer distances.


CAN the MSCAN support this directly?  Has anyone tried something similar?