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K60 CAN Message Buffer Structure

Question asked by Roberto Meza on Sep 28, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2011 by EARL GOODRICH



Apparently the Flex-CAN module from the K60 micro does not follow CAN 2.0B Bosch specification unless I am wrong.


On page 1345 from the document "K60 Sub-Family Reference Manual" section 48.3.56 there is no indication of what the bits in the ID fields are.


According to the Bosch spec both the SRR and IDE bit fields are part of the CAN ID but this micro has them separated (or are they both included on the ID field? I don't know).


Also on page 151 from the document Freescale MQX TM I/O Drivers Users Guide, the FLEXCAN_Tx_message() function does not mention what is the bit breakdown from parameter uint_32 format.


Anyone knows where can I find more in-depth information about what is the bit breakdown from the ID field from the Message Buffer Structure?