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Hooking into an RTIShared timer source with Component Wizard.

Question asked by Jerry Girard on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2011 by Processor Expert

Some components that I am making require a period task call.  Instead of having to manually edit code to place the call into a timer loop, I'd like to add a property to my component to be able to select a 'Periodic interrupt source'.  I'd also like to be able to add the standard 'Interrupt period' selector dialog to be able to select the task rate.


These properties are used all over the place in various stock timing related components.  Is it possible that I can get access and use the same properties in my component to have Processor Expert automatically generate the task call at the specified rate?


As an example of what I want to duplicate, I add the RTIShared component and select RTI as the source @ 1ms.  Then I add TimerInt and configure it to use RTIShared as it's source and I also specify a periodic rate @ 5ms.  The code that is generated does all the interrupt hooking and divide-by-5 for TimerInt. 


I want to add the same timing properties that TimerInt has so my component's task function can automatically hook into the RTIShared loop, just like TimerInt did so elegantly.


Is this possible?  What is the best way to accomplish this?  Thanks.