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FlexCAN and global mask none

Question asked by JOHN ADAMSON on Sep 22, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2011 by EARL GOODRICH

I'd like to be able to configure the K60 FlexCAN module to send and receive messages on any ID.


I took the flexcan example from MQX and tried setting the global stdmask to 0 (mask none).  


The example has a mailbox configured for transmit with an identifier of 0x321 and a mailbox for receive with an identifier of 0x123.  With the global mask set to 0x000 (instead of 0x222), a message sent to this node generates a receive error of 0xa214.  Transmissions go out just fine.  


Why, and more importantly, how do I configure the FlexCAN to receive any message while still being able to send messages (and hopefully not receive its own)?