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problem re-installing cw 10.1

Question asked by stan chime on Sep 21, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2011 by stan chime

I installed cw 10.1 and the patches but I could not get rid of one of the build error messages I had asking to install a CW patch. (Environment is win7 -64 targeting kinetis chips btw).


I uninstalled the cw eclipse environent, including the .eclipse user directory.

When I tried to re-install it went through the motions, but when i tried to run it it refused, just saying :"an error has occurred. se the logfile in c:\users\..\.metadata\.log 


this file (attached) has a long sob story about things it could not resolve, among other complaints.


I tried again, attemting to remove any trace of the previous program to allow a completely clean install, but no luck.

my guess is there must be some junk left in the registry that is causing trouble.


Any ideas how to get out of this mess and install the thing again?