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Analog watchdogs in SPC5604P "Pictus"

Question asked by italiandoh on Sep 21, 2011
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I'm planning to use the "4 analog watchdogs with interrupt capability for continuous hardware monitoring of as many as 4
analog input channels" feature of the SPC5604P. The microcontroller reference manual reports the following:


The analog watchdogs are used for determining whether the result of a channel conversion lies within a
given guarded area. After the conversion of the selected channel, a comparison is performed between the converted value and
the threshold values. If the converted value lies outside that guarded area then corresponding threshold
violation interrupts are generated. For each input channel an output bus is used to signal outside the result of the comparison generating modulated pulse waveforms based on the converted analog values received by the analog watchdogs.

Now here comes my questions:

  • what pins are used to generate such waveforms? I couldn't find this info anywhere in the documentation.
  • can this waveform generation be disabled? I only need the associated interrupt routine to do some counting.
  • anyone tried to dynamically adjust the threshold values by resetting them in the violation ISR?

Anyone has experience with this?