Kevin Hill

CodeWarrior Flash Programmer will not ERASE anymore!

Discussion created by Kevin Hill on Sep 19, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by mric

Just recently, my CW Flash Programmer stopped working.  I erased and programmed a few months ago without any problems and now whenever I try to erase I receive "Erasing............" in the "Status" box (the dots just keep going on and on).  In the Flash Programmer log, the only information regarding the erase is ":------------------------------------" (at the top of the log).  Here is what I have:

- CodeWarrior 8.8 for Power Architecture

- CodeWarrior USB TAP (COP)
- Windows XP
- target processor is a MPC8272

Been programming with USB TAP on the MPC8272 for years.  I have no idea why I can no longer erase. Downloaded the 8.8.5 patch and that did not solve the problem.  I submitted a Service Request but nobody will answer it (SR 1-786420062).  I am dead in the water until this can get resolved.  Perhaps a Windows XP issue (MS patch update)? HELP!