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Codewarrior Debug terminating early on 9S08QG8

Discussion created by Mike Sorenson on Sep 19, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2011 by Tom Thompson

I am having trouble debugging my code using a PE USB Multilink Interface connecting to a prototype board that I built up using a 9S08QG8CDT.  Here is a stippet of the console window.  I find it odd that at the end the Frequency changes to ~0hz... twice even.


Info: Initialized.Info: ;version 1.03, 07/13/2009, Copyright P&E Microcomputer Systems, www.pemicro.com [9s08qg8]Info: ;device Freescale, 9S08QG8, All Info: ;begin_cs Info: Loading programming algorithm ... Info: Done.(FCDIV=$AC)Info: CMD>EMInfo: Erasing.Info: Module has been erased.Info: CMD>PMInfo: Programming and Verifying.Info: Processing Object File Data ... Info: . Info: Programmed.Info: CMD>VCInfo: Verifying object file Checksum16+CRC8 to device ranges ... Info:    block 0000E000-0000E3B1 ... Info: Ok.Info:    block 0000FFBD-0000FFBD ... Info: Ok.Info:    block 0000FFBF-0000FFBF ... Info: Ok.Info:    block 0000FFD0-0000FFFF ... Info: Ok.Info:    Checksum Verification Successful. (Cumulative Checksum16+CRC8=$F661FA)Info: CMD>PTInfo: Programming Trim value $A7 to location $    Info:  Success.Info: Programming FTrim value $00 to location $    Info:  Success.Info: CMD>REInfo: Initializing.Info: Target has been RESET and is active.Info: Frequency change to ~3984375hz.Info: Frequency change to ~0hz.Info: Frequency change to ~0hz.


Also, in the debug window I get:

<terminated>s08_MC9S08QG8_PnE U-MultiLink [CodeWarrior Download]<terminated, exit value: 0>C:\Users\Mike\workspace\s08\MC9S08QG8\s08.abs (9/18/11 9:52 PM)



Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


Installed Products: - CodeWarrior for MCU Version: 10.1 Build Id:110204


Thanks in advance!