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USB Multilink and S19 files

Discussion created by Giovanni Parodi on Sep 18, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by David Payne

Good morning I have a question may be quite simple, but I'm not able to solve it.

I'm facing a low volume production (about 400 devices based on HCS08 device) and I have to setup a fast as possible production platform.

We don't have at present time devices like the Cyclone pro programmer that allows to program Serial Number but we have this one:



I need to perform the following steps during the production:


  1. Generate a abs/s19 code image (operation performed once)
  2. Modify an ad hoc flash location that contains the serial number: I will be able to perform this task using a command line program that edit the S19 file format (not the abs one)
  3. Burn the SW on the device
  4. go to 1
  5. in pipeline with step 4, a user connect the board previously programmed to a PC to share some secret key, indexed based on the device SN


I'm however facing a problem: I'm able to modify the s19 file, but how to burn it on board.

I tried creating a new debug configuration in Code Warrior menu, but I'm not able to force him accept as application a S19 file, but only an abs one.

Is there some different setup that I can adopt to meet my requirement?


If there is no way to face this problem, I will force a init step so that when connected to serial interface, as first packet the board waits for its serial number, store it in flash and then support the other commands.


Any help searching for a more efficient (fast) setup configuration will be really appreciated.

Best regards to the members of the forum.