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Cannot FLASH MPC55xx targets using CW 2.8

Discussion created by Spencer Ruggles Employee on Sep 13, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2011 by stanish

I am unable to FLASH either MPC5675K or MPC5643L targets using CW, v2.8.  I get an Exception Error when the RESET macro runs after loading code.  ICD open and the RESET macro runs normally the 1st time, then the PROG window opens and Flashed code to the target.  However, when the RESET macor runs the 2nd time, the program produces and Exception Error and freezes.  I have no option but to kill the program.


I am unable to debug application code for either target.  I ensured the correct target is selected when ICD opens.  The attachment shows the problem I experience. 



Win XP, SP3


P&E MPC Multilink