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Are TWR-k40  examples on MQX tested?

Question asked by stan chime on Sep 13, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by stan chime

I am trying to get into MQX 3.7   for k40 using a k40 tower dev system with IAR.  I compiled and ran the LWGPIO example.


The LED switches off as intended, but the button press is not detected - neither when interrupt driven, nor when polled.


On the other hand when I ran the bare-metal gpio project it works ok, so hardwar eis not the issue.


I also could not see the uart output as it is sent to ttya which is the osjtag and that is in use for debugging. I tried to

change the config to default to ttyd  and recompile everything (as per the starters guide), but I did not get output from the serial port either.


Any Ideas ? Has anyone else had these issues?


I am womdering what the learning curve for MQX is going to be like ...