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UART  with DMA

Question asked by Renata Levinsky on Sep 11, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by Richard Laplante


I'm currently working with kinetis k60 and IAR workspace.I'm trying to write to UART via DMA channel 1,i.e. i have a buffer in memory:

#define DMA_BLK_SIZE 16

uint8 Dma_Source_Blk[DMA_BLK_SIZE]; //filled with data 0x01 - 0x10


and i trying to transfer this array to UART by DMA.  

The DMA is configured to 1byte minor loop and 16 bytes major loop.When i set 1 byte major loop,i've received DMA interrupt,but when the major loop is defined as 16 bytes,DMA ISR isn't triggered.


I've worked with UART3 and DMA channel 1. DMA MUX source is 13.Is it right?