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How to use burner.bbl files in CW 10.1?

Discussion created by Joe Kissell on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2011 by Joe Kissell

I added burner.bbl file in my Project_Settings > Linker_Files folder with the following code.


OPENFILE "%ABS_FILE%.s19" format=motorola busWidth=1 origin=0 len=0x1000000 destination=0 SRECORD=Sx SENDBYTE 1 "%ABS_FILE%" CLOSE format=intel OPENFILE "%ABS_FILE%.hex" SENDBYTE 1 "%ABS_FILE%" CLOSE


My goal is to get my project to output .hex files everytime I click the build button. What do I need to do to associate CW 10.1 with this burner.bbl file?


I'm pretty new to this. So, please bare with me if I'm way off base here.