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mfs_sdcard examples not compiling?

Question asked by Michele Marchetti on Sep 7, 2011
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Again another example that doesn't seem to compile on my CW 10.1 run on Windows 7.

Is that just me?


I am trying to implement a sample code using SD card and KwikStik K40x256 (although I read that SD card module in K40 is broken, but I could use TWR-K60N512).

I am trying to compile code shipped in Freescale_MQX_3.7\mfs\examples\sdcard


In both cases (mfs_sdcard_twrk40x256 and mfs_sdcard_twrk60n512) I cannot compile the code as CW tells me:

@@"Source/demo.args" -o "Source/demo.obj" -c "L:/Freescale/Freescale_MQX_3.7/mfs/examples/sdcard/demo.c" -MD -gccdepL:/Freescale/CW_MCU_v10.1/MCU/ARM_Tools/Command_Line_Tools/mwccarm|Compiler|Error(L:\Freescale\


=#error This application requires BSPCFG_ENABLE_ESDHC defined non-zero in user_config.h. Please recompile libraries with this option.  >preprocessor #error directive
Errors caused tool to abort.L:\Freescale\CW_MCU_v10.1\gnu\bin\make: *** [Source/demo.obj] Error 1


Does that happen to everyone else?


also... there is no user_config.h file in the project... what the error is about? where is that value picked from?