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Creating images for Lite5200EVB using CodeWarrior - Error: Too many headers

Discussion created by Robert Mueller on Sep 7, 2011
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I'm new with CodeWarrior and the Lite5200 (non-B) evaluation board, but I have to write an application for it.

I know, this board is quite old, but nevertheless I hope, somebody can help me.


I started with the Quick Start Guide available on the website (AN-2757) and created the first  ROM-Image with Codewarrior v9.2. Now I want to download and execute this image via TFTP using 'dn'-command in the dBUG-mode of the board.


When I enter 'dn -e romimage.elf', I get the message: 'Error: Too many Headers".

What's the problem here and how can I fix it?


In case of downloading the image would be successful, I would have to use the 'go'-command to execute it, right?

But followed by which parameter/address?


I have only a WireTAP for BDM here. Is it useable for Remote Debugging in V9.2, or do I have go back to version 8.8 of Codewarrior to be able to use it? Is flashing the image possible without using BDM too?


I know, that are a lot of questions. Most important is the answer to the first.


Any hints are welcome.


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