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MCF5235 Interrupt Vector 191

Question asked by Ahlan Marriott on Sep 5, 2011
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We are using a MCF5235 processor with the eTPU loaded with the Freescale Set1 and Tpu channels 0 through 7  programmed as GPIO.

If we raise more than one of the first 8 eTpu inputs simulataneously (inputs are wired together) the processor takes vector 191 (VBR + 0x2FC)

Vector 191 is INTC1 source 63 which according to the RM rev 1.1 on page 13-18 is "Not used".

Obviously this is not the case.
Can someone tell us what the interrupt means and why it might occur.


I filed SR 1-782546511 on Thu 25-Aug-2011 but as of today (5-Sep-11) the SR has not been assigned to anyone.

Perhaps the forum can do better?


Hoping that someone can help us,

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