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Add Folder and Include Header Files

Question asked by Thomas Forck on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by Thomas Forck


i added a folder to my project as it was discribed in the CW_MCU_10.1_FAQ.

After that i can see the folder and underfolder in my project.  Thats OK.

In my folder are also header files.(d4d.h ... )

After build the project, I got error massages that the compiler cant

open the header files.

I think I have to add the location of header files to Includes

of my project. How can I do that ?


I want to add the D4D to my project.

I located the D4D folder on F:\freescale\

I added the D4D folder to my project

The compiler cant find the header files from the display driver.

What do I have to do?